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Under Siege is an upcoming real time strategy game exclusive to the PS3 and the PSN store. It is being developer by Seed Studios. The game will include both a single player campaign and online and local multiplayer content. With the in-game editor players have the ability to create their own maps, which can be shared with everyone.


The following is a list of some of the available Characters in this game:


  • Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS) / Real Time Tatics (RTT)
  • Ratings (PEGI): Europe 12+ | Germany - USK 12+ | Australia (8 to 12 years) | USA - ESRB
  • Plataforms: PlayStation 3 (only on PSN)
  • Online Play: yes
  • Developer: Seed-Studios
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: Coming soon - 2011


  • Control scheme specially designed for the Dual Shock/Sixaxis Controller
  • Playstation Move Support
  • 2 players online
  • 2 players split screen
  • Video and voice chat in game and in the lobbies
  • XMB screenshot and custom music support
  • Video recording


Under Siege Levels are divided into two main phases - the preparation phase and the battle phase. In the preparation phase, the game is paused, and the player is presented with a number of squad slots in the map, to fill however they pleases. The battle phase, is where the player is free to explore the level and attempt to complete any objectives. Depending on the level, there may be several mid game preparation phases, so you can recruit more units or change the ones you have in play.

Money is earned in the battle phase by killing enemies and collecting items, and is used in the preparation phase to recruit and train squads.

Any squads that survive are carried to the next level. Squads also gain experience and level up through battle, becoming stronger and gaining new abilities.


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The game contains two different units:

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